Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inventory and Analysis for Infill Housing Development Project

The following sheets briefly summarize the major information gathered during the inventory and analysis process.
Watershed Map
Zoning Map
This map illustrates the City of Starkville's zoning classifications within a five, and ten minute walking radius from the site.
Solar Study
This solar study illustrates the angle of the sun during the summer and winter solstice.  From this diagram, it was determined that the roof overhangs needed to be at least 3.5 feet in order to protect the home from the hot summer sun.
December Wind Rose

June Wind Rose

March Wind Rose

September Wind Rose
These wind rose diagrams illustrate the wind direction and intensity for each month of the year.  This information helps determine locations of wind screens or features to enhance the breezes.
Surrounding Road System
This diagram illustrates the roads within a five and ten minute walking radius of the site.  The roads are classified based on the intensity of use.  Because of the school, located north of the site, there is alot of traffic along Scales and Whitfield Streets in the mornings and afternoons.  Roads in the development should be carefully places so that they do not add to the traffic congestion during these times of the day.
Soils, Slope, and Topography Map
This map describes the soil conditions on site, as well as the surface water flow across the site.
Existing Vegetation
This map illustrates the existing trees on site.  Most of the nice trees are showing signs of illness and probably will not survive the stress from development on the site.  The healthy trees are by no means specimen quality.  All trees removed from site should be harvested so that they can be used as materials during construction.

This is by no means the entire inventory and analysis, but it is a brief overview of the major features existing on and around the site.  Based on this information, I had a good starting point for the design process.

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