Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preliminary Plan for Infill Housing Development Project

The plan presented here was the starting point for figuring out how I wanted the spaces to come together and create a development which fosters a strong sense of community.  The preliminary plan is presented below.

The housing units located on the northern portion of the site are single family detached units.  The buildings located on the southwest portion of the site are mixed-use, with retail on the bottom floor and residential units located on the upper floors.  The buildings located on the southeast portion of the site are single family attached housing units.  The road running west to east across the site is one way, entering from Whitfield Street.  There is an alley running north to south allowing for two-way, local traffic.  The common green running through the site will also act as a stormwater retention basin, as well as the courtyard located in the single family attached housing area.  The next few posts will show the progression from this point to the final design solution.

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