Monday, November 29, 2010

Cohousing Project Background and Concept Statement

The site is located on Collegeview Street, just west of the Mississippi State University campus.  Currently the space is being used as student housing, with some units containing families.  A majority of the residents are of various ethnic backgrounds.  Currently, the site is being considered for revitalization.  The image, as seen from google earth, is below.
Google Earth Image of Site.
Collegeview Street, the major street south of the site, is extremely wide and does not have adequate sidewalks.  There are many residences, mainly students of the university, to the west of the site, but the street gets very little pedestrian traffic.  Most pedestrians choose to walk a little further in order to walk down University Drive, a much more pleasant street located south of Collegeview Street in an area called the Cotton District.  The concept statement used to drive the design can be seen below.
Cohousing Project Concept Statement

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