Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 3- Cohousing Development

Due to the limited amount of time remaining in the semester, project three was extremely fast paced, with most of the work being completed within a two hour class time frame.  The program for the student co-housing project is posted below.

LA 8532 Graduate Design III
Project 3: Student Co-Housing Program  
Professors: Taze Fulford and Jeremiah Dumas
Assigned: Nov, 2010

Over the next few weeks you will be asked to complete various tasks during class concerning a project related to a student co-housing development. The site is located at the Aiken Village site on the campus of MSU. Your goal is to create a sustainable development that not only acts as an entry to the campus but looks at utilizing the stormwater as an amenity for the campus in terms of aesthetics and educational opportunities. The following is the program you will need to implement into the design.


2 – 5000 total Square foot Common House with 6 interior units
40 - 800 Square foot (Footprint) detached/attached units
3 - Small Green Houses (1000 sq ft)
2 Classroom buildings at 1000 sq ft (footprint) each
Common Green
Bocci Court
Outdoor Fireplace/Pizza Oven in a gathering space
Bicycle Parking
Recycling Stations
Connectivity (Pathways, etc.)
Vegetable Gardens
Appropriate Stream Buffer
Stream restoration and Educational Opportunities
Transit stop and parking for 100 vehicles

Because I am not comfortable designing at a fast pace at this point in my career,
I was very uncomfortable going into this project. The following series of posts will document my progress from beginning to end.

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